Saturday, July 02, 2011

News too Funny to be True

Picture of a Weiner...
and still safe for work
Politicians in sex scandals is old news. It almost makes us yawn and say, "Well, yeah, he's a politician," these days. You'd almost think that was a prerequisite before becoming a politician in Washington, D.C.

Chairman of the Politicians Union of Washington DC: "Candidate, do you engage in extramarital affairs?"

Political Candidate: "No, sir. I am faithful to my wife?"

Chairman of PUWD: "Will you be willing to have an extramarital affair when you come to the Big Show?"

Candidate: "Uh, no sir. I love my wife. We have two children, a boy and a girl. I wouldn't risk ruining my family."

Chairman of PUWD: "Hrmm. Are you secretly gay?"

Candidate: "No, sir."

Chairman of PUWD: "Do you and your wife engage in alternative sexual practices?"

Candidate: "Sir?"

Chairman of PUWD: "Like BDSM, performing together online, have an open marriage? Does your wife dominate you? Anything like that?"

Candidate: "Uh, no sir...?"

Chairman of PUWD: "Do you sexually abuse your children?"

Candidate: "Absolutely not. I'm insulted..."

Chairman of PUWD: "Do you sext or have online sex chat or webcam with women? Or men?"

Candidate: "No! Now, what's the meaning of these..."

Chairman of PUWD: "You at least download porn, right?"

Candidate: "No! Can we talk about my political credentials?"

Chairman of PUWD: "No need. We're done. Don't call us, we'll call you..."

So, yeah, politicians in sexual scandals, big deal, right? But this is too good...A representative, it has been learned, was engaging in sex chats online with women and sending lascivious photos of himself. Even still, maybe a little mild in regards to sexual scandals, right? But...but...the representative? One...*snicker*...his name...*chuckle*...his name is...*snort*...Anthony...*giggle*...Anthony...WEINER! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

There once was a man named Anthony Weiner
Who was going to be mayor, but he sent gifs of his weiner
Now his opponents say, "Neener neener neener"

Oh, it's just too good.

Here's an article about it...if you think I made it up. I mean, it is too good to be true...

Weiner Article


At 7:56 AM, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

HEY! Welcome back! I've missed you!

On the whole politician sex thing, I'm just done. I think that the kind of people who seek political office are the same kind of people who make these kinds of stupid choices. I'm upset that the Weiner thing went as far as it did (given that others have been clearly guilty of actual crimes in their indiscretions), but whatever. I'm done.

Are you going to start writing more regularly again?


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