Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cat Fight!

Countdown: 5 Full Days, 3 Half...

Today two girls got into a cat fight at the end of 2nd period.

Cat 1: Don't tough my stuff.
Cat 2: *Bends down and touches Cat 1's shoe with the tip of her finger*
Cat 1: *Grabs Cat 1's hair*
Cat 2: Slaps Cat 1
Cat 1: Slaps Cat 2
Mr. Asshole: *Steps between the two cats* "Cat 1, go to the office!"

Cat 2 also was sent to the office after Cat 1 was well established up there. Both Cats suspended until finals.


At 7:13 AM, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

*rolls eyes* Oh, for the love of...

Teenaged girls, I'm coming to realize, are total mental cases. I've got one living in my house now (well, she's 12, but that still counts; it's not the age, it's the attitude). I do not condone child abuse, but I'm starting to understand how it happens....

At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Bo - thanks for the laugh. I have 17 day of "work" and 9 more with students! Yeahhhh - I mean oh darn it! I'll raise ya - one of my girls jumped another teacher from behind. She had to be physically removed by our "principal" - I work for a NFP that subcontracts (poorly!) with a school district to provide alternative ed services for Middle and High Schoolers. We are severely understaffed even more underpaid than teachers (I know hard to believe!) and are all losing our jobs at the end of the month. I have too much teaching experience to be hired by the public schools (Darn the 4 of 5 kids of mine being born in Sept!) and I still want to teach. I'm re-thinking that whole thing however...

Enjoy the summer or are you doing summer school???



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