Sunday, October 05, 2008

Transcript of a Parent Phone Call

Ring Ring

Mrs. Studentsmama: Hello?

Mr. Asshole: Hi, could I speak with Mrs. Studentsmama?

Mrs. S: This is she.

Mr. A: This is Mr. Asshole at ARSE, the Alternate Reality School of Excellence. How are you today ma'am?

Mrs. S: I'm fine.

Mr. A: Good. Well, unfortunately, I'm calling about an incident today with Quincey. In another teacher's class, he was caught playing an MP3 player but refused to hand it over to the teacher. The SRO and the Principal were called in before the MP3 player was received. At the last block of the day, I get the Class 4 students to discuss why they're having trouble with the rules while the other students play in the gym. I told Quincey that he was in Class 4 and to come with me. He went over to the soda machine and got a Coke (Side Note: I'm not getting paid for that product placement...Coke, call me or it becomes Pepsi). Class 4 students aren't allowed sodas from the machine so I went over, told him he wasn't supposed to get a Coke, but since he just got put on Class 4 I'd be happy to give it back on his way to the bus. He threw a fit, began yelling, threw an innocent coke to the ground, and he got a discipline referral for disrespect. I don't think the principal has had a chance to deal with the referral yet.

Mrs. S: Well, I know the principal doesn't like Quincey. He's prejudiced against him. And that school's supposed to be helping these kids but it's not. They get out of line, they don't get any chances, they just get in trouble. You run it like it's a prison with uniforms. He's just going to keep getting in trouble because the principal doesn't like him. I'm going to the schoolboard to tell them that you're not doing your job to try and help these kids.

Mr. A: (In a perfect world Ma'am, the principal is prejudiced but not against your son. Against breaking the rules. Quincey wouldn't be in any trouble had he not brought the MP3 player which wasn't supposed to be at school to beging with...or had he given it to his first period teacher to hold until the end of the day...or not played it...or handed it to the teacher when he was discovered with it...At this point, he would have just lost the MP3 player until the end of the year...but then had he realized I was being nice offering to return the drink at the end of the day, but instead he decided to make a big, loud, disrespectful display. HE had plaenty of opportunities, chances, to do the right thing. But instead he apparently gets, from his mother, excuses, justification, and rationale for why he is not in the wrong, rather than a simple, sweet, "Quinc...why didn't you just give someone the MP3 player?" You are doing more harm to your son than any detention he might get from the principal.

Mr. A: (What he really said) Yes, ma'am. You have a nice weekend.

Oh, if only I could say what I want to say to parents...


At 5:02 PM, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Oh, if only I could say what I want to say to parents...

It's probably best that we don't...

At 2:26 PM, Anonymous hoosierdad said...

LOL. I found your blog by searching for "asshole dad blog".

I feel your pain. Heathen Spawn are exactly the reason why I changed majors after my Education 101 class... I had to sit through 40 minutes of students being disrespectful and teachers not being able to do jack shit about it. Needless to say I ended up in education, but in management at a university. The kids are better viewed from the windows of my office, fo shizzle.

Nice blog by the way, I'll be back.

At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Chris said...


The other day a teacher reported overhearing a dad say this to his son, "Just ignore the coach, drive the lane and shoot."

I've been having an email go-around with a couple of parents about both farting and stealing.

You might find them amusing. Posted them on my blog.

Parents---grrr. Piss on 'em.


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