Monday, August 25, 2008

What Do You Expect from a Monday Morning?

When I got to Delta-Boy's and Zebra-Girl's elementary school this morning, a teacher opened Delta-Boy's door to let him out, I was asking Zebra-Girl if she had unstrapped and Delta-Boy was telling the teacher that his book bag was in the back. She, the teacher, slid open the side door and Zebra-Girl was crawling across the seat. The teacher was helping Delta-Boy with his book bag and asking about my lunch box, also in the back with the other bags, and then Zebra-Girl hauled her bag up and said, "And this is mine."

The teacher said, "She's she coming too?"

No, I ask my daughter to unstrap every time we stop as a test, and the book bag is just to keep her from feeling jealous...


At 4:17 PM, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Teacher, here's your sign....


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