Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sue-per Man

If an American scientist found out that the Earth was going to explode and no one believed him and he was able to build a rocket to send his newborn son to a distant, inhabited planet while being educated about the American way of life, let's say the planet Boron, and in the strange rays of Boron's sun, that boy had super powers, he would become known as Sue-per Man and his greatest power would be his Litigation Vision.

Face it...we can't do ANYTHING without fearing someone's going to call a lawyer. Especially in the education field. Sometimes it seems like I hear "I'm gonna sue" every day at school.

A student said he was going to sue the principal because he brought an MP3 player to school, which is expressly forbidden and she took it and held on to it for the day. At the end of the school day, he retrieved it, took it home with him and after a minimum of two hours, the amount of time he says the bus ride takes and the reason he had the player to begin with, turned it on and found out it wasn't working properly. 2 hours minimum when anything could have happened that he might innocently not know would damage the player, but his first thought is not, "Man, I shouldn't have brought that to school," but "I'm going to sue."

Another student is put up for expulsion. His mother says she's contacting the NAACP and the Rainbow Coalition because we teachers and the principal are racist and she wants to sue. Let's just say she got a happy resolution and he, the child, didn't learn anything about controlling his behavior.

This tirade was spurred by George Will who discusses other Litigation Lunacies around the nation.

and this twigi bit of legal drama. No Take Backs

And "Weird Al" Yankovic sang about it here...

If you don't click the links and watch the video, then you wasted my time putting them I'll sue ya!


At 10:56 AM, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

What REALLY steams my pudding is the fact that I am limited in the ways I can or cannot raise my children. In my state, if I allow my kids to have a little wine with dinner, they could be removed from my custody. I cannot teach responsible alcohol consumption in my home. Likewise, if word gets out that my children (girls, ages 9 and 11) still occasionally shower with their dad, they could be carted away from us.

There's nothing even remotely threatening about either of these things as they would happen in my home, but we, as a society, have become so compliant about handing over our decision-making responsibilities to the "law" that we've got precious few decisions left that we're allowed to make on our own.


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